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Plots, Projects & Future Plans

Can be updated at any time! So stay tuned!

Winter 2017/2018 Agenda:

Long Term

  • Continue with the hardcore outlining and rewriting the style of my YA fantasy novel Sign of the Redwing in preparation for  an editor to look it over agent hunting, and ONLY THEN:
    • Outline the entire series that follows “Redwing”
    • Finish a new round of research and go through gathered notes for my series

Short Term

  • Continue implementing my writing regimen and meet my September October Just-Get-It-Done-ASAP Draft 6 finish goal
  • Finish some short stories I keep putting off
  • Write the first draft of a new novel for NaNoWrimo 2017
  • Finish as many crochet & cross stich projects as I can
  • Add something else to my Etsy shop, or put out at least one piece for Free Art Friday — posted some things on Zazzle I can possibly use for FAFATL

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