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Winter/Spring 2018 Agenda:

Long Term

  • Continue with the hardcore outlining and rewriting the style of my YA fantasy novel Sign of the Redwing and showing it to my writer’s group, in preparation for  an editor to look it over agent hunting, and ONLY THEN:
    • Outline the entire series that follows “Redwing”
    • Finish a new round of research and go through gathered notes for my series

Short Term

    • Continue implementing my writing/editing/critique regimen and meet my Just-Get-It-Done-ASAP Draft 6 finish goal, hopefully by September 2018 (so I can take a month off to work on learning to play the piano and practice guitar more)
    • Keep bringing bits of my book to my writer’s group, and keeping the notes so I can eventually make a Draft 6.5 edit
    • Work on a few short stories (with photos) about my dollhouse dolls, something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time
    • Finish as many craft projects as I can that I already started
    • Add something to my Etsy shop, or put out at least one piece for Free Art Friday!

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