In the Absence of Twitter

I realize how supplementing with Twitter hasn’t helped my blogging *covers face* I have serious gaps. But I’ve decided to keep most of the tweet streams with a lot of the writing process sentiments in them. After all, I use twitter as an extension of my blog. So if you feel like you’re missing something in between my entries, trot on over to my new Tweet Archive Tweet Archive!

But officially, to catch up the proper blog, National Novel Writing Month hath begun, and I am already over my quota for the next two days, so things are really good! I think I am going to start the agent/publisher search this winter, late this year/early next year depending on when it’s a good time to contact them, and when I get my book critiques back from people. I’m ready to stop the job search and just get paid for my passion! Let’s make it happen already, self!


Christina {PuellaDocta}

Christina is an artist and graphic designer, fantasy writer, and a huge geek. She chronicles her creative process--as well as her love for storytelling, the arts, tea, and more--in blogs, portfolio posts, vlogs and on social media. Read more about her here >>

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