April LOLs Day (& some writer link spam)

Usually I avoid April Fool’s Day as much as possible, but for whatever reason, feeling cheeky today, I posted an April Fool’s joke telling all my personal Facebook friends that I was getting published by Random House. When I clarified that it was a joke, there was talk of medieval torture and witch burnings XD

oops april fools

Had a fun instant message conversation with a friend about it that I wanted to share:

Friend (F): Shouldn’t you be on a hawaiian yacht or something, celebrating your contract? 😛 I mean, you couldn’t have possibly been kidding, right?
Me (C): ^_~ No! of course I couldn’t have possibly…trust me, I would have broadcast it EVERYWHERE if I was really getting published. My journal, my twitter, I would text and email and all that
F: Like, blimps and everything…and singing telegrams
C: Oh yeah
F: And then you realize you spent all of your advance money on blimps and telegrams 😛

Other than noting that bit of randomness, I wanted to put out some links another writer friend Jeremiah directed me towards. They had some interesting things to share, and I wanted to note them here for further reference for myself and for the internet. And by the way, these are NOT April Fools jokes. They are very real:

Enjoy the articles! And please, guys, be nice to your gullible friends today ^_^


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