Facebook vs. Twitter: Should you forward postings or not?

I guess I’m off hiatus now, but it’s still hard getting out entries, so….I reinstate the hiatus! But wanted to get this one off the queue, and wrote it around the time I announced my break.

This is an entry I meant to post earlier, but I wanted to give myself time to separate from it so I could write about it better.

I came across this article, Knowing the Differences Between Social Networks is Vital to Your Internet Presence.

One thing I definitely agree with is that Facebook and Twitter are different. However, the article seems to be making a point that it’s not a good idea to feed posts from one to all the other places. This does make sense, as you don’t want to bore your audience, but I think sending updates to different locations is very helpful. I don’t have an author linkedin, but I do have a Facebook and Twitter, and my Facebook updates to Twitter. I think of Twitter as a mini-blog, and Facebook as more of a sub-site for this one, where I can store more photos and post polls and things like that. It has more features than twitter, but that is what keeps them different and unique.

Also, what if you have followers that are only on Facebook, and you post something very important on Twitter, which doesn’t feed to your Facebook (which you only update with certain things?) It sounds ludicrous that you wouldn’t post to both, but if you’re exhausted from a long day at work, every single re-post to each different site can become even more stressful. Since I have an office job, I can assure you that once I get off work, my time is precious. So I say that you need all the help you can get. If things overlap, it just reinforces it in the mind of the reader, and if it annoys people, they can just pick one of the sites to follow. And you’re never going to please everyone, so you might as well do what you are comfortable with and go from there.

Just saying.


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