Autumn Morning {a short poem}

Shining sun, chilly morning
Autumn came without a warning.
Sweater matched with summer shoes
Milk the last of summertime, who’s
Steamy grip has finally slipped
And let in autumn’s tingly nip.
Walk to farmer’s market square
The squash and herbs and seeds are there,
And with a parcel for my pay,
I head back home, to tuck away
Again to blankets soft and worn,
To block against the chilly morn.


Happy October, guys! Autumn is prolly my most favoritest season, so after taking a walk to the farmer’s market this morning, I felt inspired to write about it πŸ˜€


Christina {PuellaDocta}

Christina is an artist and graphic designer, fantasy writer, and a huge geek. She chronicles her creative process--as well as her love for storytelling, the arts, tea, and more--in blogs, portfolio posts, vlogs and on social media. Read more about her here >>

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