Oh Joy! Rapture!



I read through her critiques and over all it’s very positive! She even said my next draft should be given to an agent!!! EEEE! All you pray-ers out there, pray that I will find my soul mate agent somewhere! Now that I have a few month’s distance from the manuscript, I can finally get back to editing with a clear head! Here is her cherry on top culminating comment:

You continue to be a strong writer with an absolutely vibrant and powerful imagination. I am in awe of the world that you have created, down to the language and the details, the smells and sounds and sights, the back story…and the romantic cobblestoned setting with touches of modernization…I am…impressed with your skill and confidence in expanding on an already dazzlingly imaginative world.

I don’t think I could get a better endorsement! Well, what am I waiting for???

At least on the weekends, when I’m not completely bushed. @.@


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