Finny Puppet & The Fuzzies

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Meet the Fuzzies

Full Name: Fionnuala (Irish – fin-NOO-lah).

Likes: Batman, D&D, costumes & meeting other puppets at conventions.

Dislikes: sharing my (her keeper’s) brain, being left in storage, grabby hands.

I found Finny at a Puppet Farm booth at an arts festival in Franklin, TN. They’re a super cute little business that’s been traveling around for years, making puppets on their own dime and making people happy.

The Puppet Farm sells their puppets at a variety of art festivals in the US, so shoot them an email and ask when they’ll be in your area!

Finny used to update a tumblr site, which is still around:

Nicknames: The Wandering Pusheen, Hairbow Pusheen

I found her at a vendor’s booth at MomoCon in 2017, and I just had to have her!

The little rabbits that live in my dollhouse.

The rabbits are Calico Critters, and they live an old Lundby house.

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