Crocheted & Beaded 1920s Headband

In honor of a friend’s early-1900s-themed wedding, I made a flapper headband to match the bright color of my period shoes.


I designed it myself, based off of images of similar headbands from the time period. I crocheted the tangerine headband part, and sewed elastic to both ends. Then I strung pearlescent beads into a design on the front, with some white yarn accents stitched down the sides of the headband.

For the dangle accent, I strung beads onto a thin thread, looped it, and sewed it onto a tiny white crocheted circle, attached to a costume jewelry diamond button. On the back of the tiny circle I added a flat, colored button, so I could attach and detach the accent to a hole between stitches in the headband.

To wear, I braided my hair in two tails, put the headband on over my hair, then tucked the braids over and behind the elastic, and bobby-pinned the heck out of it, til it wouldn’t fall out.

This piece was entered into the Intown School Esprit de Corps art show in March 2016.


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