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Get to Work!

Favorite programs and sites that help me write! (Other than a text editor, or a notebook and pen!)

  • Scrivener – awesome word processing software, amazing for collecting and organizing your notes
  • yWriter – free word processing software that helps you track chapters, scenes, characters, locations and items throughout your book
  • OmmWriter – word processing program that creates a bubble of focus and calm for you to write in
  • Celtx – free script writing software
  • Mindmup – free online idea mapping software that can save your maps to Google Drive
  • Aeon Timeline – software for mapping out timelines in your story
  • Inkarnate – useful free map drawing website, for D&D campaigns or novels
  • Evernote & Skitch – free note taking software, spanning multiple platforms for ultimate convenience
  • Noisli – free online focusing and relaxing helper

Polish & Learn

These are some great posts that I’ve found very helpful, and they’re here as constant self-reminders. So, get editing, and learning!


Ways to challenge your bad writing self!


These sites tell you who to stay away from in this big writing world.

Submission Time

Connect your work with the right people!

  • Coming soon!

Lend a Hand

Writing nonprofits!

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